General Health Questionnaire

Please complete the following questions to allow us to update your records.

Last Updated: 03/12/2020

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To calculate your BMI please copy and paste the following link into a new tab. Once you have calculated your BMI please input the results below.

Blood Pressure

If you have a home blood pressure monitor please record an up to to date reading

Your Lifestyle - Alcohol

Please answer the following questions which are validated as screening tools for alcohol use. Units ( 1 Unit = 1/2 Pint, 1 small glass of wine, 1 measure of spirit. 2 Unit = 1 pint of beer, larger or cider, 1 medium glass of wine. 9 Units = 1 bottle of wine)

A score less than 5 indicates lower risk drinking. Scores of 5 or more requires the following 7 questions to be completed.

Your Lifestyle - Smoking

Advice and Support Contacts

If you would like to seek advice or support for to help improve your lifestyle such as; smoking, alcohol and weight management please visit the Health Advice page on our website.