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Our team of healthcare professionals and additional clinicians offer a number of clinics and services to promote good health and wellbeing whatever your medical condition. This may include services offered by the Midwife, Podiatrist or Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine Doctor. 

We hope you enjoy having a look around the site and familiarising yourself with some of the online features such as ordering a repeat prescription. Whatever your thoughts, be sure to let us know via our feedback function. Comments and suggestions are always a great way of helping us continue to enhance the way we look after you.

We strongly encourage our patients to kindly use "E-Consult" for routine or non-urgent matters instead of telephone as far as possible; click on the link opposite to access the service.

Practice News

  • Covid Booster Update

If you are eligible for a COVID-19 booster vaccination you can go to a walk-in clinic, with no need for an appointment. See list of walk-in clinics here: https://sneevaccine.org.uk/location-of-walk-in-clinics/

Or you can make a booking by calling 0344 257 3961 - this is also the number to call if you have any questions and there is no need to call this surgery.

You do not need to wait to be invited by the NHS – you can check your eligibility for a booster here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/coronavirus-booster-vaccine/

It is very important to have the booster to protect your own health and health of your loved ones. Rates of infection continue to increase and having the booster will give you an extra layer of protection over the winter months.

Please take action now.

Published 21st October 2021


  • Influenza vaccinations

The practice has now administered flu vaccinations to the majority of patients over the age of 65. Patients over 65 who have yet to receive their vaccination should phone the practice to arrange a vaccination.

Patients under the age of 65 will be administered a different flu vaccine to those over 65. The supply of this vaccine has been delayed nationally and we are taking delivery in small shipments over the coming weeks. For this reason we are prioritising the patients we invite for vaccination.

Currently, we have invited every patient between the ages of 18 and 49 who are eligible for a free NHS flu vaccination. These patients will generally have an underlying health condition which puts them at greater risk should they catch flu. The majority of these patients have been sent a text message with a link to book an appointment. Those who we were unable to send a text message to will be contacted by phone.

When we have sufficient vaccine stock we will invite patients between the ages of 50 and 64. Initially we will contact those with underlying health conditions, followed by all other patients within this age range. Patients will be sent a text message with a link to click to book their appointment, or alternatively contacted by phone or letter if we are unable to send a text message.

Please wait to be contacted by text, phone or letter to book you flu vaccination appointment. We expect vaccine deliveries to continue into December and all eligible patients will be prioritised and contacted as soon as we have sufficient supply.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Published 19th October 2021


  • Covid 3rd dose/Booster Update

Some patients have received a letter informing them that they are eligible for a 3rd covid vaccine dose. These are patients who have medical conditions where the recommendation is for a 3rd dose 12 weeks after receiving a second dose. The letter can be taken to a vaccination centre as evidence that a 3rd dose should be administered.

However, we understand that many of these patients are entitled to a covid booster vaccination as 180 days have elapsed since they received their 2nd dose.

These patients should book their booster vaccination once informed. A further ‘3rd dose’ will not then be necessary.

Published 19th October 2021


  • COVID-19 Booster vaccinations

Please note that the practice is currently unable to administer Covid booster vaccinations. Please do not contact the practice regarding the booster as our reception team are unable to provide any additional information.

Patients will be contacted by the NHS by text, letter or email when they are due their booster vaccination. You'll only be able to book an appointment for a booster dose at a vaccination centre if it's been at least 6 months (180 days) since your 2nd dose of the vaccine, so please wait to be contacted. You can visit the NHS website https://www.nhs.uk/covid-booster for more information and to book a booster when it is due.

Patients will be invited for booster vaccinations by the practice if the situation changes and we are able to administer them.

Published 5th October 2021


  • Practice demand

    Many of you may be aware of the pressures the NHS is under. As a practice we are still facing unprecedented circumstances. Recently we have faced issues such as wait times for an ambulance of more than 10 hours, lack of chemicals to do blood tests, cancellations of flu deliveries, referral waiting times of 40-45 weeks. 

    We are trying hard to cope with the circumstances and are also aware that things are not yet back to normal. We apologise for any inconvenience faced by you. With winter round the corner, we are trying to prepare ourselves for further challenges and will be much obliged if you could kindly help us by considering the below requests. 

    The practice is currently receiving a very high call volume. And some of these are for things which could be done without getting in touch with us. It blocks valuable resource.

    We aim to answer your calls as quickly as possible but please be patient with the reception team. Recently, there has been unnecessary abuse towards staff who are trying their best to help you. Please refrain from using abusive language or rude behaviour towards staff members. It is not something the practice will to tolerate. 


    • COVID-19 NHS app - Please email ccmp@nhs.net with your queries, please DO NOT call the practice. We ask that all patients visit https://www.nhs.uk/nhs-app/ first before contacting the practice as we are very limited to what help we can provide. 


    • Prescription query - If you call is regarding a prescription query then please phone the practice after 11am or please visit of prescriptions page on our website which offers help and advice. If you are calling to chase up your prescription, please contact the pharmacy first. Please note: Capel Pharmacy (Villapharm) and Constable Country Medical Practice are NOT connected. Although the pharmacy is located in the same building as our Capel site, they are separate entities. We unfortunately cannot help you with queries or issues relating to the pharmacy. 


    • Blood or investigation results - Please contact the practice after 11am after the morning rush has settled down. Alternatively, you can visit our 'Test Results' page on the website where you can request them online. 


    • Flu vaccine - Please continue to follow our website or social media page for regular updates. We have only received delivery of vaccines for those who are 65 and over. 

     If you are 65 or over and have not booked your appointment please contact the practice after 2pm to arrange an appointment. 

     If you wish to decline the vaccine this year, please still let us know by either phoning or emailing the practice that you wish to decline.

    We are expecting to get deliveries of flu vaccines for those under 65 group at a later date. As you may be aware, there is disruption in delivery chain due to shortages of delivery drivers and the practice itself does not get notified well ahead of time. We will sure update our social media and website as soon as we know further. 

    Published 24th September 2021 

  • Statement regarding Constable Country Medical Practice surgery premises

    Over the past five years the GP Partners at Constable Country Medical Practice have invested in refurbishing and upgrading the Capel surgery premises in order to prolong the life of building. We have also been actively developing the practice including attracting NHS and private practitioners to offer their services locally and becoming an approved GP training practice. More recently, we have been working collaboratively with four other local practices to successfully undertake covid vaccination clinics and have secured funding and approval to employ both a full-time pharmacist and a full-time paramedic. 

    However, as we grow the practice team to improve the services we offer, clearly we need additional space to accommodate our clinical and admin staff. The planned residential developments across the area will also increase the practice list size significantly over the next 5 to 10 years. We are aware that residents at Capel St Mary have also expressed a desire for fit-for-purpose health facilities in the locality. With this in mind, the GP Partners and management at Constable Country Medical practice have invested a lot of time working with the CCG, NHS England, our Patient Participation Group and Parish and District councils to try to secure support and funding either to further improve and expand our current premises or, preferably, secure new premises perhaps as part of one of the new residential developments in the area.

    After much lobbying, many meetings, and the commissioning of a comprehensive independent study, we have been told that unfortunately there is no viable option to alter the current premises at either site, and no funding for premises development will be available to the practice for the foreseeable future. This is a big disappointment to the practice as our desire is to further develop the range of services available to our patients and to deliver these services from premises which are modern and fit for purpose. Despite this setback, we will continue to lobby the CCG and NHS England in the hope that they will revisit their decision. We will keep you posted if anything changes but as of now we do not expect any significant shift in the position from higher authorities with regard to this issue. 

    The GP Partners and Practice Manager
    Constable Country Medical Practice

        Published 24th August 2021


  • FLU VACCINATIONS  - We are now sending out invites for flu vaccinations to those who are aged 65 years old and above. The clinics will be starting on the 13th September 2021 and will be held at both our East Bergholt and Capel St Mary sites every weekday afternoon. More dates will be available in due course.

     We are sending out text message invites for all patients we have mobile number for and we will contact other patients by phone or letter. If you are unable to book your appointment via the text messaging service then please contact the reception team who will book your appointment for you.

    If your appointment is at East Bergholt, please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible. Once you have arrived please make your way into the main entrance of the practice where you will be greeted by a member of our team and marked as arrived for your appointment. Our clinics in East Bergholt will be held in our waiting area. Once you have had your vaccine please exit the building through the main entrance.

    If your appointment is at Capel St Mary, please arrive as close to your appointment time as possible. Once you have arrived please make your way to the back of the building and queue up outside the back door where the vaccinator will come and get you. Once you have had your vaccine you will exit the building through the main doors at the front.

     Please wear appropriate clothing so you can easily uncover your upper left arm for vaccination. Please also wear a mask while in the building and do not come to the practice if you have any symptoms which may suggest you have Covid.

     We are expecting to take delivery of vaccines for our patients who are under 65 in mid-October. These patients will receive invites through October with vulnerable patients being prioritised.

    Published 24th August 2021


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